No products, No shipping.
Relaket drop shipping

Rilacket allows you to start a shopping mall without buying.
Leave all the cumbersome delivery handling and inventory management to Rilacket and focus on sales.

01. What is drop-shifting?

Dropping start-up relaquette that makes it easy to do without goods, without delivery

  • A business member who needs a drop-shifting product puts the supplier's product in my store at the drop-shifting center.
  • Drop-shifting allows business members to start shopping malls without any products or without any burden on inventory.

02. How can I put the goods in my store in drop-shifting center?

I'll show you how to put the product in my store.

  • Drop shipping and available products are on display, the product is a favorite of the items on display The Relaket is where you pikhal relaket is called drop shipping center.
  • To pick up the product you want to sell at the drop-shifting center, first ask the supplier to sell the product.
  • After selling price settings, click the Add to your store to confirm the expected return at the time of sale Be on display in your store brand name and category, you can also set up.

Product placement instruction video in drop-shifting center

03. Can I sell products from drop-shifting centers to open markets such as 11th Street and Gmarket?

Sell the products I have with market integration management easily and quickly.

  • Relaket drop-shipping products can be sold using Relaket Store and Market Management.
  • You can register your products in bulk and open market and general mall using store integration management as well as store.

Interlocking Market Setup Guide

- Detailed information on store and market integration management sales settings can be found on the relevant guide video page

04. You gat a new order. What should I do?

You don't need to care about delivery. Just deposit the product (deposit) and it's over.

  • If an order has been placed, please deposit only the goods (deposit) to the supplier. The drop-shipping provider will take care of the rest.

Drop-shipping product payment (deposit) remittance instruction video

- More information about drop-shipping be found on the corresponding training video page.

Relaket wholesale agency
is full of top-selling products

In Relakete drop shipping cheap bulk supply horizontal securing main category
Popular products such as fashion, beauty to help steady sales activity of the seller.

  • Focus on a variety of products
  • A trendy product that is updated daily
  • High-quality products cheap Supply price

This product without my OK!
Product photography, inventory burden is NO!

In Relakete Relaket without my products it can be founded. Try to simplify sourcing products to sell through the relakets Relaket drop shipping online.

  • Select the desired product sold in relakets Relaket drop shipping
  • Products provided by the Riel Relaket wholesale suppliers image as a My Store
Find Wholesale Source hassle freeNO!Product shotNO!Inventory burdenNO!

Do not troublesome thing,
inventory management, shipment processing

Cumbersome inventory management, shipping cumbersome process cumbersome and complicated thing now left to leave all relakets Relaket drop shipping.

  • I also enabled one to understand about the numbers together ... Every day Availability ...
  • Every night, product inspection, and one ilhi product packaging and courier to send dollars to go ... tired ...
  • Depending on the area, the shipping weight dareune ...? To courier contracts that should be more than 100 cases July delivery!?
  • Delivery Processing
  • Buy products
  • Delivery Request
  • consumer
  • Supplier
  • Seller
The easiest way to run a mall Relakete Drop shipping Relaket!

Competitive sourcing foreign products, which is also
easy on the Relaket drop shipping

If sellers are selling the same product listed more concerned about price competition,
try to sell them overseas sourcing goods from Relaket drop shipping.

  • Relaket, select a product to sell in the global wholesale supplier
  • Relaket product images as provided by global wholesale suppliers registered in my store
Competitiveness of my storeUP!Loyal customers can beUP!