Online shopping mall Drop-shipping Service Global Market Integration Management Video Commerce Affiliate marketing All of this together, Relaket All services for the products they sell
was born into a simple and easy service.

My Store

More powerful Store Service

  • The evolution of Global Services
  • Interworking with drop shipping services
  • Performance Marketing Support (Affiliator, SNS, Influencer)
  • Naver Smart Store interworking function (product management, order management)
  • Brand rukbuk (Lookbook) Services
  • B2B Online Franchise feature (pumpyeong / order management, management formulated)

Meet RELAKET and together represent

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Drop shipping service've only selling products together

  • 100000 beauty, fashion 100000, Baby & Child 80000, 50000 SKU holds essentials
  • Season, trend products 10,000 SKU updates
  • Price high-quality products to ensure competitiveness
  • Cross-border, drop shipping across borders

Live the product of about 300000 Now you can Pick .

Global Market Integration Management

Global Markets Management Service associated with more markets

  • (Expansion of the service), the Amazon, the Raja, Shapiro, and Q10, the quality Ringo - Overseas Market works
  • Domestic market works - Open Market 5, 5 jonghapmol
  • Fashion / Beauty Shop edited works - 10
  • Inventory management and global market and within the store (WMS) works
  • RELAKET Fulfillment Services

Marketing platform

Marketing maximize performance in sales

  • Global affiliate marketing Aviator
  • Influenza Lou eonseo intermediation enhancing the content and quality yuipryul
  • SNS-based custom precision targeting, conversion induce immediate purchase
  • Marketing automation platform that minimizes the cost / time
  • Real-time performance analysis, and targeted insights report

Video Production Services

Site residence time of 80%, 140% conversion rate rises
video commerce More to video production services

  • High Quality & amp; Video production services at a reasonable price
  • Various genres & amp; Concept (advertising, snacks, unboxing video, music video, etc.)
  • Against a multinational marketing overseas markets (in one, English subtitle translation support)
  • Efficient shooting schedule & amp; system

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